Install HCL

This page is currently not maintained (2011).

I've only compiled HCL on Linux (Mandrake 9.2). However as HCL uses NTL and GMP it should be possible to compile it on other platforms.

A list of recent changes can be found here.

Step 1

To obtain the source code and documentation of HCL, download hcl-xxx.tar.gz.

Step 2

The newest version of NTL can be downloaded here.
The newest version of GMP can be downloaded here.

Step 3

Extract the packages:
   # gunzip ntl-xxx.tar.gz
   # tar xvf ntl-xxx.tar
   # gunzip gmp-xxx.tar.gz
   # tar xvf gmp-xxx.tar

Step 4

Copy the directory ntl-xxx to hcl-xxx/NTL and copy the directory gmp-xxx to hcl-xxx/GMP:
   # mv ntl-xxx/ NTL/
   # mv gmp-xxx/ GMP/
   # cp NTL/ hcl-xxx/
   # cp GMP/ hcl-xxx/

Step 5

In the directory hcl/scripts are several shell scripts. HCL, EXT, NTL and GMP can be build as follows:
   # cd hcl/scripts
See the scripts for more details.

Step 6

You may want to test whether the installation was successful with a commandline tool for HCL:
   # hcl-xxx/HCL/source/main ?